The Countdown Started

On the near horizon lives meometer v2 beta, a few orders of magnitude more complex than v1 which launched in March of 2011.

My personal readout of v1 on this machine reads over 5,300 laps, and I know I've got over 2,300 days of data with v1 across half a dozen different computers.

(Computers die, especially when you spill coffee on 'em.)

On lap 5,555 I will retire v1 from my life and fully migrate to v2.

Rather scary, honestly.

Imagine giving up a 10+ times-a-day-tool after using it 6.5 straight years, and one you know fundamentally helped you.

v2 has all v1's goodness and soooooo much more, and the transition will be fun — especially after the visualizations and data rollups are done.