Meometer solves the problem of lack of mentorship.

About 10 years ago — just in case — I hatched an impossible backup plan...

My Story

Solid mentorship eluded me my entire life.

My formal education sat in the epicenter of the anti-intellectual height of the 1980's in the South, which famously fostered opposition to critical thinking skills.

The Church, too— well, I'll stop right there.

When I asked bosses What can I study, what can I do to improve? their fumbling, mumbling answers showed they knew as little as I.

This ain't a slight against them. Who's to say their lives didn't hold this same problem?

Plus, I don't think like other folks. I imagine my requests sounded like a meteor asking a ponderosa pine for advice on changing transmission fluid.

With luck and hard work and more luck — really, yottagrams of luck — I got to work with and talk to righteous folks and teammates who filled in the gaps of my galactic ignorance.

The trove of info handed out online and presented in videos and shared in podcasts and sold between book covers helped, of course, and continues to help as I read/listen/watch, re-read/re-listen/re-watch, re-re-read...

(Check the resources page for smart stuff from cool folks.)

I still want more.

I last asked again for formal mentorship about six or eight months ago and got rejected for what feels like the billionth time. (With this much practice at hearing "no", I laugh these moments off.)

About 10 years ago — just in case — I hatched an impossible backup plan: I would build my ideal mentor.

Not quite like this. Not quite like this.

This meant watching for the missing technologies which started to pop up around 2009 and continue to shake out even today, including one technology which will never get invented if I don't do it myself.

I needed to study my ass off, too. Galactic ignorance and all.

The technology upon which I built version 1 seven years ago now lay dead. Big Stevie J didn't like it and killed it for all humanity.

His kindness means I had to study a whole series of new tech and more.

With meometer version 2 around the corner, why not share my ride?

As I do, I want to thank all the folks who directly and indirectly pointed me North.